Yoga Schedule
Tension is who you think you should be.
Relaxation is who you are.
~ Chinese proverb

We experience stress when we become attached to how we think our lives should be,
instead of accepting and being grateful for what and where our lives actually are.

Stress, both mental and physical, causes resistance to what is truly happening within us and
around us. When we invite the practice of YOGA into our lives, it allows us to  relax and let go
of our everyday tensions, demands, and the “should’s” that we place upon ourselves.  When we
eliminate these negative forces it allows us to live a more centered and peace-filled life.
No matter where you are in your life today, whether old or young, large or small, flexible or not,
choose to invite the practice of YOGA into your life and feel the transformation begin.
Om shanti, shanti, shanti ..... Namaste!

Spring / Summer Yoga Schedule 2019

9:30am - Gentle Yoga
Now & Zen Wellness Studio

6:15pm - Intermediate Level Yoga
89 South Broadway, Geneva
(Geneva Methodist Church, Fellowship Hall)

9:15am ~ Basic Level Yoga
2800 Perry Park Road, Perry
(Perry Senior Center)

GENEVA - Summer only
May 31 - August 30
7:30pm ~ Sunset Yoga

Madison Library Employees & Volunteers

Yoga in the Vineyards
Grand River Cellars
Class begins at 11am.
The cost is $15 which includes a glass of wine.
You must
be preregistered and bring your own mat.

March 10
March 24
April 14
May 19
June 9

YOU MUST REGISTER IN ADVANCE FOR THIS CLASS, call 440.536.0553 or email to sign up.

Some tips and hints to enhance your practice:

  • Please arrive at class at least 10 minutes early to allow yourself time to settle into your space and also to allow class to begin on time.  
    Everyone makes an effort to attend class, it’s important to respect each and every student’s time. Also, it cheats you out of a portion of
    the serenity that yoga offers, when you start your class in a rush and flustered it most often  doesn't allow you to gain the most benefit
    from the class.

  • I understand that with today’s demanding lifestyles, it is sometimes required that you arrive late or leave a class early. This is perfectly
    acceptable. I would rather you have some yoga, than no yoga at all. If this occasion arises for you, please be respectful of the other
    students and enter class after the initial centering/pranayama is practiced {when the asana practice begins}, and when leaving early
    please leave before the savasana begins. Even though you are trying to be as quiet as possible it is still quite distracting for the other
    students when you are fumbling around with your mats, keys, bags, etc.  

  • Please refrain from wearing perfumes to class; many people are sensitive to strong scents. As you may know, I sometimes heat oils for
    the purpose of aromatherapy, please make me aware if these aromas bother your senses.

  • Please turn off cell phones completely. Even placing your phone on vibrate can distract other students and it leaves you tied to the
    outside world which prohibits you from having a full hour of being totally available to only yourself.

  • Please feel free to bring any of the props that you would like to use in your practice. Especially items that enhance your time in
  • {For ex. Eye pillows, blankets, heavy socks, etc.}

  • Please let me know of any injuries or limitations that may affect your practice.  Always ask me for assistance when modifying an asana.  
    My goal is for you to have a safe and fulfilling practice, help me to help you. Occasionally I may make an improvement in your
    alignment. This is to help you to feel the posture in the correct areas of your body.  Please let me know if you are sensitive to touch so
    that I can respect your boundaries.

  • Always remember that yoga is non-competitive….with others….but most importantly with yourself.  It doesn’t matter what the person
    next to you is doing, how far they are bending, or how long they can remain in a pose.  It also does not matter how well you did a pose
    last week or how well you think you should be doing next week.  What does matter is what you are doing and what you are feeling in
    this moment and where your focus is TODAY. It’s important to remember that our physical practice and asana needs change on a daily
    basis. Our balance and strength vary from day to day. In my opinion, this is where yoga differs from the rest of the fitness/activity world.
    Yoga was not designed to be a competitive sport, or to increase your athletic ability, it was designed to enhance your journey into
    stillness. We, Westerners, somehow morphed this sacred practice into a sport!!!  Unlike other exercises or activities where you focus on
    going a little farther or doing a little more each week, I feel that a continued yoga practice allows us the openness to create our own
    perfect poses that are set by the needs our individual mind/body requirements. The goal that we are trying to achieve in yoga is to get
    to a place of stillness within the body so that we can tune-in and listen to the messages from our soul. These messages will guide our
    practice to where it needs to be. My best advice is for you to get out of your own way, take part in a yoga practice that is free from false
    expectation, practice self-compassion, listen, and respect your edge. This is the true mastering of yoga…….full self-awareness.
Missed class / Cancellation Policy ~

  • Class will be cancelled due to poor winter weather when a school district in that same location cancels due to poor weather.  

  • Occasionally we have to cancel a Sunset Yoga class due to rain.  If this need arises, the cancellation will be sent out via email and
    Facebook. To keep yourself up to date, please make sure you are registered to receive email and/or have liked our Facebook page.

  • If you must miss a class during your six week yoga session, you are welcome to make up that class at another location at anytime
    during that same six week session.  Some classes have a minimum participation, therefore there are times that we depend on your
    registration to hold a class, for this reason it is the policy of Now & Zen Wellness Studio, LLC not to refund monies paid for yoga
    sessions.  Please make sure that you make up your classes in the time frame allowed.  Yoga classes are non-transferable.  Thank
    you for your understanding.