Massage & Bodywork
Yoga Therapy
Yoga Therapy is a holistic healing art focused on the ancient teaching of yoga while
connecting with the mind/body balance to treat underlying emotions that may be
preventing the release of stress and tension throughout the physical body. Yoga
Therapy will help you to explore these emotions and bring peace and equilibrium to
your body through supported postures, dialogue, breath work and guided meditation.

Now & Zen's theory is that all unresolved emotional experiences are held
deep within the cellular level of the body and over time those fears,
feelings, and misgivings, both positive and negative, could manifest within
the body as disease, disorder, pain, and/or tension.

Yoga Therapy works to:
  • create greater balance and harmony within the mental, physical, and emotional bodies
  • focuses on relieving chronic pain as well as general aches and tensions
  • gain greater freedom of awareness and movement
  • obtain higher levels of clarity throughout the mind, body, and emotions

Swedish Massage
Aside from general relaxation, Swedish Massage serves to increase the
oxygen flow in the blood and release toxins from the muscles. It involves
specific techniques designed to relax muscles by applying continuously
deeper pressure and always massaging in the same direction as the natural
flow of blood.

Having regular Swedish massages has been known to:
  • decrease recovery time from muscular strain
  • increase circulation without increasing the load to the heart
  • stretch muscles, tendons, and ligaments keeping them pliable and joints moving freely
  • stimulates the skin which is our largest organ of toxin elimination

Energy Balancing
This method of bodywork brings together several forms of holistic healing with the
intention of bringing balance to all levels of the body.  I will help you to realize that
intention by tuning in and listening to the messages from your physical body and work
from that space to clear energetic blockages and to bring balance to your body as a
whole.  I utilize all of the tools I have acquired to this point, including my strong sense
of intuition, reiki, reflexology, chakra therapy,  light massage, and aromatherapy.

On-site Chair Massage/
Corporate Massage
This service is a fully-clothed, seated massage and is especially successful in
the office / corporate setting or at special events. The client is seated in a
special massage chair and receives a specific amount of massage and/or
bodywork on the areas including the back, neck, hands, head, and arms.

This service is available:
  • on a weekly basis
  • for specialty parties
  • for workshops
  • for team events